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Uploading your website

Because our hosting packages come with the option to use Microsoft Front Page extensions there are two different methods you can use to upload your web site. The first is to use ftp (file transfer protocol) to upload your site, and the second method is to use the Front Page Publish command, which is available to you, if you have designed your website using Front Page.

The most common way to upload web pages is to use an ftp client. Modern Web design programs such as Dreamweaver have this built in to them. However, if you do not already have an ftp program you can find one on most Internet magazine cover discs or download one for free from many web sites. Popular ftp programs are CuteFTP, WS_FTP and Bullet Proof FTP.

For details of how to upload pages using FTP click here

If you are using Front Page to publish your site then you will first need to make sure that Front Page extensions are active for your website hosting account. If you are not sure that Front Page Extensions are enabled for your account you should contact Support and confirm that they are switched on for your site. Please note that Front Page extensions use special hidden files to work and these take up approximately 3Mb of your disc space allocation. We suggest that customers only request Front Page extensions if they actually intend to upload using this method.

Please note that even if you use Front Page to design your site you do not need to use Front Page to upload your site unless your are actually using Front Page components in your pages. If you do not know what these are then the chances are that you would be better off using a standard ftp client to upload your files.

For details of how to publish pages using Front Page click here

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