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Uploading using ftp

All ftp clients require the same basic information to enable them to connect to our webservers and upload your web site.

When you sign up for hosting with TheName you will receive an account letter containing all the information you require to configure a ftp client to upload your website.

Essential ftp information:

  • Ftp Server Name: This is your domain name address. eg www.yourdomain.com. It does not contain the prefix http://. Do not be tempted to enter this into your ftp program.
  • Ftp User Name: This will have been given you with your account letter.
  • Ftp Password: This will have been given you with your account letter.
If you do not know your Ftp User Name or Password then please contact support.

Additional ftp Information: Most ftp clients will require the following information

  • Remote Root: /web
  • Default Index Page: When you first login to your web space you will see a file named index.html. This is the default index page, the page which the web server displays when no page reference is given. You should overwrite this file with your own, or if you are using a default page of a different name e.g. index.htm then you must delete this file.

For full details of how to upload using WS_FTP LE click here . This is a detailed step by step by guide of how to configure this ftp client. We strong suggest customers look through this guide even if they intend to use an alternative ftp client. Most of the steps are common to all ftp programs.

Above all else if you experience difficulties please contact us. Our support team are experienced and friendly people dedicated to assisting with any problems you may have.

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