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Accessing your Email

All hosting accounts include upto 15 POP3 e-mail accounts as standard. To collect your e-mail you can use a standard e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Eduora..

When you sign up for hosting with TheName you will receive an account letter containing all the information you require to configure a POP3 mail and access your e-mail.

Essential E-mail information:

  • The e-mail address that intend to use to send and receive messages. (for example alias@yourdomain.co.uk)
  • The incoming mail server address. This is your domain name without the leading "www." or http://. eg: yourdomain.co.uk
  • Your outgoing mail server address (SMTP server), is provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) dial-up or broadband. TheName does not provide an outgoing SMTP server as standard. In these days of spam e-mails open SMTP relays are a thing of the past and TheName customers should use the outgoing SMTP relay provided by their connectivity provider.
  • Your e-mail account name and password. This will have been included in your account letter and is the same as the username and password used to connect to other services such as FTP.
For details of how to configure Microsoft Outlook Express click here
For details of how to access your e-mail using TheName WebMail here
Each hosting can account includes multiple e-mail address and aliases. To configure these use the online Control Panel

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Hosting offers:
Hosting with thename.co.uk costs from just £3.75 per month. Each account comes with its own dedicated bandwidth quota, 25MB webspace, 15 Mail POP accounts and Frontpage extensions.