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Domain Name Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers

What characters can I use when registering a domain name? You can use the characters a-z and 0-9 (in any combination). You can also use hyphens (-), although your domain name cannot start or end with a hyphen. You cannot use any other characters, nor should you use punctuation.

Are domain names case sensitive? No. Domain names are case insensitive. So TheName.co.uk is the same domain name as thename.co.uk. You are free to choose how to present the domain in writing.

Can I register an all-numeric domain name? Most domain name extensions require a minimum of 2 characters for a domain name, although a few countries have set higher minimums for names registered under their extension. However not many of these domains are available to register.

What extra services can I expect when I register a domain name? TheName offers a wide variety of services. However some of the following services will not apply to you depending on the type of package you are receiving from us:

Web Hosting: This service is given to customers who decide to upload their web pages to our servers. This is a better alternative to "Web Forwarding". Our servers are High-performance, stable servers running the industry leader Apache web server software.

Email Forwarding: email sent to you@yourdomain.com is forwarded to your current email address. This is a very cheap and easy way of having your own "custom" email address.

Web Forwarding: This option is great for anyone hosting a site on an ISP's server, as you will not need to move the site. The name will automatically be resolved to point to the correct URL.

Domain Parking: Depending on your personal preference, you may prefer to have www.YOURNEWNAME.com point at a standard "under construction" page rather than not point at anything at all. We provide this service with all domains purchased through TheName at no extra charge.

I registered a domain name, but I made a mistake while registering and registered the wrong name/changed my mind about registering it after paying. Can I cancel my registration? Under the current Domain Name Service Agreement that all accredited Registrars operate under, all sales are final. If you want to register a different domain name, you'll have to pay again.

I'm thinking of registering an alternative extension of a well-known domain name. For example the ".org" of a well known ".com" domain name. Is that a good idea? While this tactic may get you some "free" traffic, it's also a great recipe for a lawsuit. If the .com domain is trademarked, it's better to steer clear of trouble. If the .com domain is "generic" then you're safer because dictionary words can not be trademarked. Ultimately, it's your decision.

I'm thinking of registering a misspelling of a popular site's domain name (example: Yahhoo.com, AOLL.com). Is that a good idea? This is commonly known as "typosquatting" i.e. buying a domain name with the expectation of siphoning traffic off of the legitimate site by snaring people who can't spell well. There have been a number of court cases as a result of this kind of behaviour - most were decided in favour of the site owner. Ultimately, it's your decision.

I want to buy a domain, but I don't want to move my existing site from its current location at http://members.isp.net/~user/pages/index.html. What can I do? TheName offer a service called "Web Forwarding". This is a service that will automatically redirect visitors from your domain name to your existing URL.

I can't think of any good domain names. Any suggestions? Try and think of domain names associated with current or future growth areas, or topics that are always popular such as golf and finance. Think of domain names that specifically relate to YOUR industry or line of business. A good way to brainstorm is to sit down with a clean piece of paper, let your mind wander, and write down every idea you get as a result... sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised at what your unconscious throws up! You can also try our Domain Name Wizard by clicking on advanced search at thename.co.uk

What should I put in the "Company Name" field of the registration template if I do not have a company? Many people make up interesting-sounding company names to fill this field; however, it is usually better to simply repeat your full name again there as it avoids billing and invoicing confusion later.

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