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Domain Name Questions and Answers
Parking a domain

Domain parking is a service intended to allow a domain name to be registered and reserved for use at a later time. You may want to do this while your web site is under construction.

With this option there is no hosting, forwarding or e-mail available. However we will place a parking webpage that answers to your domain name when it is typed into a web browser unless you wish us not to. There is no limit on the number of domains that you may register for parking. So if you are not sure if you will need the .biz, .info etc. versions of your name then there is nothing to stop your reserving them in case you decide to use any of these names at a later time.

Domain Parking is a great option that allows you to purchase your domain name today and hold on to it until you are ready to launch your website by upgrading from Parking to Hosting or Forwarding. Even if you will not be ready to launch your website anytime soon you should still register the domain so that someone else cannot. You will own the domain name for the term you register it for. No one else may use or register your domain name while your registration is in effect. So register your domain name today before someone else does!

When you are ready to launch your Web Site you can sign up for our Hosting or Forwarding account, plus your domain will be already be waiting for your.

Advanced Users & Resellers

When you have a Parking account with TheName, we will automatically set the DNS servers to the servers provided by TheName. If you wish to supply your own DNS Server Addresses for any domain name that you have registered with TheName, you may do so using the online form at time of registration or at any time afterwards. We will update the delegation on your domain to your chosen names servers at no extra charge. This option is very useful if you are a domain reseller and wish to purchase your domain names through us.

In addition if you wish to transfer your domain to a another ISP you may do so at any time (subject to the account being in good standing). For your security, we will ask that you provide adaquate authorisation for the transfer. If requesting a change after registration we will require written authorisation from the registrant. This is to prevent so called domain name hijacking. We advise all customers to be aware of the terms and procedures of transfers before inititiating such a request.


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